"They all create, hands full of ideas, hands that build, hands that create and achieve the unbelievable". A.E

Manos Creando, is a project that captures different craftsmen's hands in the process of creating an object. This series of photos was taken in Mexico in the different workshops of the Ciudadela.
I chose different handicrafts in which the process is unique as well as the materials. It is fascinating what can be obtained with the meticulous work of the chaquira beads, the tracing of the most perfect sound on a sheet of wood, the heat of a metal that guards a precious stone, the spun colours that reveal a form and the engraving of a figure that reveals a story.

An enriching experience not only for the fact of capturing what is special but also for learning from these artisans who taught us about their work.


"He who works with his hands is a tiller; he who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman; he who works with his hands, his mind and his heart is an artist." 
Saint Francis of Assisi.