Kupre offers a line of products characterized by their simplicity and elegance, using a common material, copper.

Starting from a copper hearth (2.5x30 cm) ten different concepts were developed.
The challenge of this project was to create an object that would not leave any waste.

Kupre was designed by a collective of Mexican designers. This collection was presented and sold at Design Week Mexico and Zona Maco. 

Material : copper
Process :
satin and brushed finish, water-jet cutting and engraving 


Doce is a collection of home objects in leather and brass created by a group of Mexican designers.

Doce was exhibited and sold at Design Week Mexico.

Material : leather and brass
Process :
reinforced seam and brushed finish

One step BIKE

The brief proposed by the company Brompton was to observe the needs of Mexican citizens and solve the difficulties that prevented more people from using a bicycle.

Our team chose to focus on adults who did not know how to ride a bike. The process of learning to ride takes one month if the practice is daily. However, most of the time the bicycle is not suitable for the user to learn.

Our proposal focused on creating a self-taught bicycle so that the rider could adapt the height of the saddle and the angle of the handlebar according to his/her height. The curvature design of the bicycle frame was made low to climb and easily touch the ground.

Material : steel
Process :
welding and paint application with compressor gun


A project in collaboration with the company IBBUBLE which develops drones to guide diving professionals.
We have created a drone to help divers return to the surface avoiding stop accidents. The drone is programmed with a watch through which the diver provides his health data and information about his route. The itinerary allows the drone to indicate the right moment to ascend with a strict respect of each stop to return to the surface as to avoid the danger of oxygen deficiency.

Material : plastic
Process : plastic inyection


Parque Feliz was a project made in a parc around the Roma neighbourhood  in Mexico City.

The aim of this project was to create different spaces in the parc to invite people to come, remain and discover places around the parc.To increase their interest, we developed different activities for recreation.

Below, one of these propositions, a clock referencing the interesting places around the parc. If you did not know where to go, you coud turn the arrow and discover a new place or just find in which direction you needed to go.

Material : acrylic and vinyl printing
Process :
laser cutting